Austin Sol FC



Malek Ben-Musa

Founder and Owner

The current mission, vision and culture stems from my own personal values and beliefs of what I envision Austin Sol FC to be. Still, there are various people not only around our Central Texas community, but also from around the world that are part of this project that will play an important role in our mission, vision, culture and philosophy.

FAYRUZ Benyousef


Fayruz Benyousef is the founder & principal of FBC | Generosity Experts. FBC will help lead by providing the fundraising expertise and connections in our Central Texas area. She will help lay a foundation for resources, partnerships and collaborations for Austin Sol FC.

Marcelo and Fernanda Serrano


Marcelo is a Brazilian association footballer manager who worked as head coach of Austin Bold FC, Assistant U17 US national team, and former US Virgin Islands National team head coach.

Fernanda is a highly skilled professional in reading people and their talents. She will provide leadership in our cultural competencies to build a strong culture for Austin Sol FC.

brenda coleman-beattie


Brenda is an experienced and successful executive with a range of extensive, proven management abilities in nonprofit and for-profit industries and consulting. She is a nationally-recognized expert in applying financial and policy analysis for board and senior level management decision-making. Brenda will be leading and guiding to build the business model for Austin Sol FC.